Precision Laser Micro-Wire Manufacturing
wirestrip4 SSDI developed fully automated wire assembly systems in 1985. This proprietary process, while evolving with the latest technologies available, has enabled us to consistently produce wire assemblies of the highest quality and uniformity, achieving Cpk values in excess of three on many characteristics.

SSDI utilizes the latest Excimer and YAG laser technology in wire stripping and welding. We have incorporated these precision technologies into our proprietary in-line automated process allowing for various strip and weld lengths and positions.

Products produced by SSDI's fully automated systems are in demand in various industries that require the highest quality standards from computers to medical components. Our wire assemblies can be provided in predetermined lengths or in a reel-to-reel format. With conductor configurations of single to five-filar formats. These can be processed from raw wire or multi-filar configurations, then twisted, splayed, laser stripped and welded to your exact requirements without sacrificing quality.

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